wiki wars

Marlowe’s experience helped her to learn about her students’ attitudes and ideas about knowledge and writing–particularly the way that codified knowledge is valued. I appreciated two helpful concepts: the knowledge economy/knowledge culture and the proprietary stance towards written content.

I wonder, if Marlowe ran up against the problem of students heatedly negotiating posts (rather than mediating language choice collaboratively), might anonymous posts be a solution? Is this even possible in a wiki space, where individuals must enroll with a user ID?  Anonymous wiki posting might defeat the purpose of asking individuals to collaboratively build a common source; if it doesn’t bleach out individual voices, it might de-emphasize individual identities within the commons. There would also be the dilemma of how to grade/credit student work if it is anonymous.

Would making wiki activity anonymous be at all helpful?  What are the drawbacks or complications of anonymity in wikis (or other online writing forms)?

I also learned that one can retrieve saved drafts of posts in the dashboard.  Phew.  I thought I lost this text. Looking forward to discussing wikis with you all on Friday.


2 thoughts on “wiki wars

  1. Glad you realized that WP always saves drafts! I should have emphasized this. It’s really, really unlikely that you would ever lose more than a few keystrokes! And thanks for your post, which I’ll respond to in a separate post.

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