game plan for next session (3/7)

As promised, I’ve posted some readings on the schedule/topics page.  I’ve posted a lot of (relatively) short pieces, so I recommend starting at the top and reading until you run out of time.  And make sure you’re signed up for the Zotero service.  As I said in sched/topics, I hereby challenge you to add one item to our group folder, just for practice/fun.  Couple more practical notes:

  • there are two basic ways to use Zotero: Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone.  There are pros and cons to each, but they basically do the same thing.  I would suggest that if (like me) you prefer the Chrome browser, use standalone, but if you prefer FF, use the Z for FF version.
  • I’d like to do a group project in which we practice exporting cites into a word processor.  So if it’s convenient, bring a laptop and download the “Zotero for Word” or “Zotero for LibreOffice” extensions, depending on whether you use Word or some flavor of Open Office.  If this proves to be a pain for people, we’ll skip it.  You can also get this software in the “extensions” section of the Zotero site.

See you next week.  Remember that we’re off this Friday (2/28).


And sorry for the delay: I accidentally posted to one of my course blogs and just realized the error now!  Keeps you humble…


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