CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative talk tonight (Thurs)

Not sure who’s still checking this, but if you’re available at 6:30 tonight, come see Miriam Posner talk about digital pedagogy at the GC!  Here’s the 411 (there’s a signup with tickets):

Miriam Posner – “A presentation on digital pedagogy.”



When you get a chance, please fill out this survey: it takes 5 minutes and helps ACERT improve its delivery of future programming.  This is especially important, since our Teaching-Scholarship Circles are relatively new, so we’re trying to feel our way through what works and what doesn’t.


Zotero hack: using portable apps

Stephanie, helpfully raised some issues re: using Zotero in the classroom last week.  How do we use it when students are often using Hunter’s machines which a) don’t have the program installed and b) don’t allow one to install new programs/plugins?  Stephanie told me that the library is working on solving a) by having Zotero installed on as many machines as is practical, but there’s another workaround that’s alluded to on the invaluable ProfHacker blog on the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s site.  You can help students install special portable versions of Firefox with the Zotero plugin on a simple $5 USB thumbdrive.  I’ve not tried it, so I don’t know what issues might come up.  But I will…

Kathleen Fitzpatrick at Hunter to discuss the future of scholarly publishing

We’ll be discussing Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s work this week, and she’s coming to campus on Wednesday, 3/19 to discuss her work.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I hope some of you can make it: she’s terrific, the first 30 to RSVP will get a copy of her excellent book, and you’re sure to get a gold star on your TSC certificate of completion if I see you there.

Forum on rights in scholarly publishing @ the GC

Check out this post on a forum at the GC on the rights of authors in scholarly publishing.  It’s relevant to much of what we’ve been talking about and is hosted by the fantastic Open Access@CUNY group on the CUNY Academic Commons.  Here’s the 411 for the talk:


Friday, March 28, 2014
2pm – 4pm
Graduate Center, Room C197 (Concourse Level)
Space is limited! Please RSVP at

And a general plug for the Commons and the Open Access group.  The Commons is a pathbreaking project by a group of scholars and technologists across CUNY that’s been a model nationwide for using the web to build community.  It’s basically a Facebook-like interface in the sense that each user has an avatar and can easily interact with other users, but it’s much more open that FB in allowing users to create new blogs/writing spaces/collaborations.  There’s a ton of activity on the site, from CUNY Pie (pizza lovers @ CUNY who meet at metro pizza joints monthly) to more sober and lo-cal groups like Open Access.  The OA group is made up of librarians and scholars who advocate for and think about how to open up scholarly publishing to its audiences in affordable, accessible, beautiful, and intellectually rich ways.