Using Turnitin PeerMark

I’ve enjoyed today’s new posts and thought that since I won’t be there this afternoon I would post about my current idea (subject to change). I want to encourage nursing students to engage in the process of revision. One thing I want to try is guiding pairs or small groups to give each other feedback on drafts-in-progress. I thought of using Turnitin’s PeerMark feature because I use Turnitin for every assignment. Plagiarism is a huge problem among nursing students (perhaps all students) and so since they will be required to have a Turnitin account I thought this might be worth a try.

The plusses: you can insert your own questions, you can keep students anonymous from one another, you can have students paired by your choice or randomly. The drawbacks: there are no video or audio abilities, and I’m worried that standard questions will elicit unenthusiastic responses from students. I’d like to hear if any of you have used this. Thanks.

Here’s a little video overview.


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