The New York Times Well Blog: An Exemplar for Nursing Narratives

A recent post┬áby Danielle Ofri on the New York Times‘ Well Blog is a great example of the kind of clinical narrative I hope my nursing students will be able to write–some day, if not by the end of this semester. I’m setting the bar high for my students: Ofri is a physician and a terrific writer–she edits the Bellevue Literary Review–and the Well Blog is probably one of the best known blogs with a health care focus.

What I like about her writing in this post and many others that she’s written is that she skillfully interweaves a short narrative about a clinical experience and uses it to illuminate a an important health care issue that’s recently been in the news. This particular post is newsworthy because of the recent uproar over the measles outbreak and the question of whether vaccinations should be mandatory.