about my project

Julie Van Peteghem’s (Hunter, Italian) Digital Boccaccio is what mainly inspired my geoffreychaucerpedia project.  Which is fitting, as Chaucer was inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron in the first place!  (Jeff’s site too, but, as it turns, out, I’m really modeling my site on Julie’s.)  Julie’s site is beautiful, logical, and useful: that’s exactly what I want.  With Gina’s help, I’m working with WordPress to organize the site; will be adding content in the coming weeks, including images.  The idea is that students will be able to think through this complex text by adding their own (multi-media) content as we go along.


chaucer blog (not very good)


The author writes in pseudo-Middle English.  Has lots of useful links, but I would never send students here when they can access the Harvard Chaucer Page, which is not a blog but the gold standard of web resources on Chaucer.